More power to wheelchair users.
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Pair of Grippoz Wheelchair Push-rim Covers


The Wheelchair Push-rim Covers are moulded silicone boots that are placed around the hand rim of a wheelchair wheel.

They provide additional comfort and grip, helping to improve maneuverability of a wheelchair.

Grippoz Wheelchair Push-rim Covers are made from hard-wearing silicone.

It’s robust design also helps to protect furniture from bumps and scrapes. The product is designed for the population of wheelchair users and is produced in various colours to fit a 21 & 22 inch rim.

Imagine how you could benefit and change your everyday life for the better. Enjoy more independence and have the opportunity to do tasks and activities that would otherwise not be possible.

Unlike cheaper rubber products on the market Grippoz Wheelchair Push-rim Covers will not leave a rubber smell and residue on your skin.

Grippoz Wheelchair Push-rim Covers:

  • Has a unique ‘grip’ feature, no more slippery push rims Aids manoeuvrability
  • Supports those with reduced grip to self-propel
  • Helps those with less strength to self-propel
  • Makes the wheelchair more distinctive
  • Helps to protect furniture from the impact of bumps and scrapes
  • Is available in various colours
  • Has a no fuss fit for a 21 & 22 inch rim size



Primasil produce every pair of Grippoz Wheelchair Push-rim Covers here in the UK and are the only UK silicone rubber manufacturer to have all services under one roof! They formulate and mix their silicone compound ensuring that with every pair of Grippoz Wheelchair Push-rim Covers you get the quality that you would expect from a British company to the BS ISO 9000:2008 certificate that this company holds.